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2006.09.06 An Introvert

A month or so ago I re-took a personality test for work. They like to use these things to fit us into different groups and so they can “know” how to better work with us. The test that my employer prefers is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ®. It's the second time I've taken this same test. The officiators claim that it isn't likely to change very drastically between tests. Although the results weren't anything astounding to me, one of the most intriguing items was that it pegged me as an introvert.

"An Introvert?!" you say. Well, let's take a look at this. You'll say that I have a website where I share my feelings, thoughts, and other random bits of information. Here I might speak a bit more openly about some topics than I usually do. Although at times I may be a touch more open, frequently I'm just as revealing here as I am in real life. I've taken a recent mental inventory of this site, and have come to a conclusion that shouldn't be very drastic - my site is about nothing. The page about me is about as revealing as anything else on this site.

I post random stories about random observations I make. Most of the stories can be taken as trivial bits of information. I tell you that I'm annoyed by this, amused by that, interested in this, contemplating that. At the end of it all… how much have I actually told you about myself? Not very much.

Me? an introvert? Find 5 people in my department who can tell you much of anything personal I've actually said about myself. They'll all know something, but somehow that something is related to one of their interests, hobbies, or something they did. Can I blame them for this? No, I'm just talking about what interests them, or what they want to talk about.

Recently a fairly significant event has taken place in the family, and yet how many people at work know? I can count them on two fingers. How you doing Pedro? "Alright, how about you?" Surprised at being an introvert? Not really. I'll talk about anything you bring up. I'll talk about current events, but the whole time I'm just getting you to talk more and learn more about you. Want to talk about me? Be prepared for half answers and vagueness – I'm an introvert.

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