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2006.04.04 April Fools

I'm a full supporter of April Fools. I admit that I am one of those people who enjoys playing tricks on people throughout the year… so I'm certainly in favor of a day dedicated to things of that nature. I don't care what the roots of the day are, nor how it's probably derived from some pagan, satanic, or polytheist tradition.

Too many people seem too focused on that sort of crap. Currently _________ is a harmless day. Get over it.

The biggest shocker is that this year went by without event. Yes, I'm ashamed as well.

I think when it comes to April Fools that there are some ground rules. You really shouldn't do anything that causes permanent damage. None of this stuff that leaves physical damage/evidence for longer than 1 day. Minor bumps and bruises would probably be okay, but nothing serious folks.

Maria seems to forget every year that I'm going to short-sheet the bed. Never mind the fact that I'm ready for bed first and not getting in (even though one year I managed to only short-sheet her half of the bed… it was pure genius). Yeah, I'm just standing around waiting for her to get in so I can watch her try to figure out why she can't put her legs down in the bed.

I come from tricksters. A tuna sandwich with the slice of cheese still in the wrapper? You better believe it. Wax paper in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Rockin'! Informing you that you already missed the deadline to register for baseball? Right on target. Tie those little popper things between two things you were sure to separate (the door and the frame, the milk carton in the fridge and the wire rack)? Now we're talking! Cellophane over the toilet? Messy, but humorous to the unsuspecting user.

So… you tell me - how do enjoy the fine day of April Fools?

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