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2005.06.30 Baby Oil

Follow me on this one… if olive oil is made from squeezing olives, and grapeseed oil is made in the same fashion (along with many other oils)… what sick person EVER thought of making baby oil? That aside, why does it always have to smell the same? Is there some sort of rule on what baby oil has to smell like? Maybe it's just that I keep smelling the same brand, but something's gotta change. But if the scent DID change, I can already see the scantily-clad baby fashion show that they would have, with little ones strutting their stuff (either crawling, or stumble-walking) down the catwalk. You'd have the designer sitting on the side of the show, with all of his hired "love me please" people, as he talks about the genius it took to come up with this new scent. Whatever. I'm fine with the scent, but let's work on the name, and not think of little ones getting the same thing done to them as olives to get oil.

(extra virgin baby oil? how exactly could baby oil be anything BUT virgin… how much 'extra' virgin can you be? (not that I've ever seen virgin or extra virgin baby oil for sale (no, I don't want to get into a conversation about what differentiates olive oil from its virgin and extra virgin siblings, yes I saw the same show on food network as you)))

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