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2006.03.05 Billboard Charts, Plogger and Credit

Some of you might have noticed, but I never really pointed it out… but I added the Billboard Year-End charts over there on the side. They were one of the first things that I put on PabloNoEsta.com, but aligning with the new site themes, they have found their way over here. In addition to adding the Billboard stuff, I moved the Longbored Photos over to Plogger. It's not the greatest, but it works a bit better with the multiple themes that I have. Let me tell you about this stuff.

The Billboard charts were a pain for me. I really like Movable Type. It's a great system, but it has 1 drawback in comparison to other CMS's (Content Management Systems) - it doesn't deal well with non-entry pages. Sure, I can come up with all the main, official looking pages I want, but if it comes to posting content that isn't an official blog entry, but still wanting to take on the same look as the rest of the site… not so easy.

Clifton was my great helper on this one. With the help of a little PHP and using a MySQL database, I was able to move it all over very easily. Now, I have Movable Type publish just one page for me, and that one page interacts with the database to pull 50+ years of Billboard Year-End Charts. Rockin!

Simple PHP Gallery is second to none when it comes to a photo gallery that is simple, and php driven (hence the name). It wasn't playing nice with my multiple themes. Plogger is somewhat of a pain in the butt. My number 1 complaint is that I can't order the photos from the administrative side. It claims you can, but the thing doesn't work all that well. One thumb up, the other down. Hopefully it'll develop as a product.

The themes. You might have noticed the cool little theme changer that I've created for the site. In the right column, it's there and available for you to choose. The first two themes are snagged directly from Blogger. I've obviously modified them slightly to go with the theme of Longbored Surfer (Hibiscus flower, LBS letters in the background), but they're nothing original. The last one I created all on my own… kindly borrowing colors from Clifton's work site, the now-defunct FusionFox.com, hence the name "Foxy". Double thanks to Clifton for the PHP help, and the theme colors.

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