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2005.04.25 Buttload

The Metric system is handy when dealing with science. It can be twisted and turned and it all relates to itself in so many ways. It really is pretty cool. The Standard (American) System is uh… handy too I suppose. It makes you seem fatter though, since you're not just 80 kilos, you're 176 pounds. 80 isn't that bad, but 176?! Whoa! Anyway, they're both standardized systems, and they're handy and whatnot.

It has come to my attention that there are more units of measurement that should have been added to the system back in the day. Though there are quite a few words which could easily fit into this area, I am choosing this day to discuss one:


With our wild imaginations, we can see what might technically as a buttload. After you wipe that out of your mind, then return now to see that the previously menionted amount of material might actually be quite a bit. If I were to give you a buttload of baseball cards, that's going to be quite a bit. We're not talking about several crates (I'd probably say a ton if it were that much), but maybe an apple box or so.

When talking about a buttload, the actual amount of the material all depends on the rarity of the original. That buttload of baseball cards is significantly larger than a buttload of rare baseball cards. The latter might only be 20 or so, but since they're rare to begin with, that's quite a few.

This isn't a unit of measurement that can be used in mathematical formulas. Nor should this word be used in the following ways:

  • I have a buttload of love for you
  • The cops ran after the criminal for a buttload
  • My bologna has a first name, it's b-u-t-t-l-o-a-d
  • We missed you a buttload

Though this word isn't the only word that should have been created when they were making up the metric or standard systems, it is the only one on which we are talking today. If you're interested in additional words which might or might not be official, yet seem to be official on the street, please wander of to the Urban Dictionary (please bear in mind that some questionable material/definitions may appear, since the content isn't monitored/filtered).

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