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2006.04.10 Candy Organization

I organize my candy before I eat it. I'm not sure exactly why I do it, but I do. Maria would probably claim that it's my OCD showing through once again. I would contend that it gives me an activity to do while I do another activity - the super multi-tasker showing through again.

Currently I am enjoying a package of Peanut Butter M&M's. They are probably my favorite type of M&M, though the plain make a good run at that coveted place. M&M's are special, since I organize them by color before consuming. As an additional step, I prefer to eat the most populous color first, until it reaches the same number of another.

Let me break this down for a better example. My bag of Peanut M&M's had the following:

  • Orange - 9
  • Yellow - 7
  • Blue - 6
  • Brown - 4
  • Red - 2
  • Green - 2

In this example, I eat the Orange down until it reaches the number of the second-most popular. Then I eat the Yellow and Orange until it reaches the amount of the next most popular. Then I eat those until they reach the same number as the next most popular. You're following this, right? Well, by that way, then I continue downward until there aren't any left. I eat the newest addition to the round first, then the other colors. If there are two new colors to join the round, then I eat them in alphabetical order, followed by the same order which I have followed previously. So, in the final round in this example, I ate a green, red, brown, blue, yellow, then orange M&M.

Call me a freak, a weirdo or whatever you'd like. I haven't even gone into how I prefer to eat Skittles. The ultimate skittle fighting championship is what takes places there (think of Skittles facing each other and being pushed together until one of them gives in to the pressure). It has bracketed rounds, and an eventual champion that doesn't get eaten, but thrown away, since obviously it was destined to be a Skittle.

Don't look at me like that. I've seen you organize your food as well.

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