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2006.06.12 Carl's Jr. Has it All Wrong

Let's think about this slogan - "If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face." I know that I was taught very well, and I don't always perform up to my ability when it comes to manners. With that in mind however, I know I don't have the worst table manners either. If something actually does get all over the place, then I must not be doing a very good job at getting it in my face.

I don't want to knock anybody who eats at Carl's Jr. I just ate there for lunch (thanks for the free meal, courtesy of the loser of our American Idol competition). I was with somebody who's sandwich was constructed in a faulty fashion, and was a little messy. Sometimes you just can't do anything about that. I guess you COULD bust out a fork and knife, and go that way, but that's just lame. Anyway, back to the slogan…

From what I understand, their only criterion for something to "belong in your face" is that it must get all over the place. Allow me to ponder a few things that get all over the place that I would never want in my face:

  • Hot tar
  • A pile of ants
  • Beach sand
  • Baby poop
  • Iron filings

Great logic there people. Any time you'd like any of that put in your face, please feel free to stop by my place, and I'll get it arranged for you. I could probably throw in a soft drink too, just for fun.

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