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2006.01.01 Christmas Lights

I'm not the brightest light in the chandelier when I get tired. Maria, Cecilia and I had gone out of town for Christmas on the eve thereof, and I was a little tired from the long day. We were out and about looking at the Christmas lights at people's houses. I can't even imagine what their electricity bills might have, but whatever. Upon seeing one specific setup of lights, I make one of the dumbest comments.

no-lSo that you can see what I'm talking about, I've inserted a sample image of what we saw. "So what's with that No-L thing there?" I realized my slight mistake right when I had said 'noel', but it was already too late. As might already be obvious, I caught grief for that one for the whole time I was there, but that's no big deal. For all the grief that I give others, I better be able to take it as well.

If anybody was curious, I'll let them rest assured, that I had a great time on vacation. It's nice to have a time come when you can feel like you're truly on vacation. I did a whole lot of nothing. We went to the zoo, and I got to go golfing. I played one of my favorite games, and at some of my favorite foods. All in all, a good time indeed. Hope that you and yours had a good one. Careful of those crazy anti-L people sneaking up on you.

p.s. Since I have titled this "Holiday Lights" I hope each of you saw the one house that was nicely done up for this year. All put to music and whatnot, check it out here. Yes, I know it's other places as well, but just deal with it.

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