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2005.05.23 Cleaning Mice

They're squeaky at times. They consume most things that surround them. They're generally a certain size. Despite some people's sincerest desires, they do serve a purpose in this world. If they get dirty, they don't work as well. Some people will complain about them, but the honest truth is that they just need to clean their computer mouse.

Some people just think that things should always work, no matter how dirty they are. If youre toilet is so filled with dirt (aka clogged to the point of needing to use a plunger), you could say that in a weird sort of way that you need to clean it, so that it will work properly. Although your computer mouse does not (I hope) take regular dips in similar substances, it can indeed be filled with materials that might clog it.

It's not a huge project. There are generally two types of mice that could be attached to your computer. (To be technical here, there are generally just optical mice, and roller-ball mice - though some people have track balls, and some other ergonomically appropriate devices, but most of you have one of the normal mice). If you're not lucky enough to have an optical mouse, then this certainly could be a problem.

How do you know if you have an optical or rollerball mouse? Well, pick up your mouse, and turn it over. Do you see a little ball in your mouse? If not, you probably see some sort of a light, either blue or red - which means you have an optical mouse. If you see that little ball, congratulations on having an old school mouse, just like I do at work.

Stepping back out of the geek roll, if you've got a rollerball mouse, and you're complaining that it's not working very well… have you ever thought about cleaning it? All of those things I said at the beginning of this are true. It's got little things in there that get all dirty after time. If they're dirty (which you'll be able to see if you take off the little cover and take out the ball), you might want to bust out your fingernail and clean that out.

This is really a simple issue. Some people think that their settings have been changed, or that their mouse isn't working anymore. The honest truth is that your mouse is dirty. Give it a little clean, and you'll think that you have a new mouse. All of a sudden you'll regain that versitility that you used to have with your one-balled friend.

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