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2006.07.05 Consider the Source

Many times it is interesting to consider the source of advice. If somebody is extremely lazy, overweight, and overeats extensively - they would probably not be a good person to listen to on how to lose weight. If somebody has filed for bankruptcy routinely, they would probably not be the best financial advisor. Although these are somewhat extreme cases, it still holds true that the source should always be considered when advice is being received.

People that might not be great at the accompanying topics

  • Heavy smoker - health advice
  • Professional Boxers - preventing brain damage
  • Perpetually unemployed - career path decisions

Although these examples imply that the people don't practice what they could be potentially preaching… it is not uncommon to find that these people are experts in the suggested field. Sometimes logic gets the best of us, and says that these people are actually experts in their areas, but for whatever reason, their circumstances don't reflect it.

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