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2006.10.31 Daylight Savings Time

We're batting .500 in our marriage when it comes to remembering daylight savings (or the return from it). This year was one of those that we forgot. As I look back at the timing of things, Maria was up at 5(6) something, I got up at 6(7) something, all so we could leave the house to be somewhere at 8:00(9:00). I made the comment, “Not too many people out today.” That was the point that I thought to myself… “Wasn't daylight savings time going to end here pretty soon? Was that today? I should get out my cell phone and check the time.” and Maria said, “Ohhhhhhhh, dangit!” We drove around for the next hour, not wanting to be early, and not wanting to go home (otherwise we would have just wanted to go to bed). To celebrate the change, we did the whole day (as close as we could) to the previous time, and just acted like Daylight Savings Time ended on Monday. It was nice to get an extra hour of sleep… albeit a day late. Those chumps in Arizona & Hawaii don't know what they're missing… until spring shows up. Grrrr…

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