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2008.02.02 Finally. Everything on Movable Type 4

Well, technically it was all on MT4 before, but some of the pages still had the old template. I'll admit I'm going to miss that old template. I should build a little homage to it, just so I don't have to lose all that quality work. I had it on my site for a long time. But now the Billboard Charts, my About/Contact page, my not-super-impressive portfolio, and the page copies are all incorporated into the new look/feel. I'm working on some additions to the Billboard charts (more links to the actual songs, so you can more easily reminisce/dedicate). Want to know what I learned about MT4 while I was doing these conversions? MT4 is flippin' sweet. I won't geek out on you here, but I fully admit I love the new system, and I doubt I've really even scratched the surface.

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