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2006.03.02 For Sale By Owner

I was approached to create a simple site to aide in the selling of a home. Though originally I think they only wanted a page or two (like the vast majority of sites like that), I decided to give them a bit more for the money, and add a couple slick features. You can check out an example of the site (for the time being) here.

I'll admit that what I really like about the site is the integration of Google Maps and PHP. The local attractions is a nice touch, since you can click on any of the pre-determined points, and it'll tell you whatever I want about the place (like in the examples, it shows driving distance). The "Get Directions" thing is pretty handy. I was really aiming for a way to display the results right there in the same window, but it was driving me nuts, and not really worth the effort.

Thanks again to Blogger for lending me the template. I resorted to Simple PHP Gallery, since Plogger is giving me headaches. Plogger turns out to be less than helpful when trying to sort pictures in a way that you want. Simple PHP Gallery is perfect for something like this though.

I'm pleased with my use of PHP in here. Despite the temptations, I didn't use Movable Type to build this site, but just did it all by hand. Seeing a good chance to be able to re-use code in multiple places, I opted to insert dinky code in places.

<?php $pageTitle = "This page title gets reused";?>

So, with some simple code, then recalling that code later (like this: <?php echo $pageTitle; ?> ) I could change the title to the page in one place, then it'd be changed everywhere else it's used. I love it. The sidebar was another nice touch of PHP by being able to separate out the various parts of the sidebar and use it as I please. The final little touch is the date that displays on the site. It updates automatically, without any help from me. Not too shabby.

Overall, I'm pleased with the site. It looks pretty decent, and I like the color scheme. Good learning experience with a couple things. I validated the XHTML and CSS so it looks nice, technically speaking. Add that to an easy ability to create the pages and content…… it's pretty slick.

By the way, if you want to buy the place, go check it out.

Updated 4/3/06
Site disabled, but at least a copy of the page can be found in the Longbored Portfolio.

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