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2005.06.10 Helping Others Move

Some people are horrible at moving. I'm talking about moving in the "I'm changing homes" type of moving, not the "I've fallen and I can't get up" type of moving. They're total idiots about it. Sure, moving isn't the most common thing out there. But just remember, people who volunteer to help you move are there to help you move things into a moving vehicle, not to pack your life into some boxes, or clean your house in an effort to get past the filth and get to the things that actually need to be moved. To make things simple, you've got a group of people there that are willing to help move boxes for anywhere from 2-4 hours. Stretch it beyond that, and you're begging to be backhanded.

People move less frequently than they do many other things. Despite the lack of frequency, you'd think that they would be able to remember just a couple things about the last time and how it was would have been easier. Care to actually pack up the boxes BEFORE the movers show up? There is little worse than showing up at somebody's house ready to help them move, then find out that they're just getting out of bed, and haven't done a single thing to get ready for the move. You mean there aren't any boxes or tape? You mean that you haven't considered getting a van of some sort? A nice bonus for showing up at your house at 8 AM on a Saturday might be some doughnuts or something like that. You're telling me that you suck at spatial relations? Then allow ME to tell YOU where to put stuff in your van.

I can understand if there are SOME things that you haven't packed. You tell me that you're going to worry about X or Y room all by yourself? Sounds good, I'll close the door for you. If you're moving a very short distance (across the hall or something like that), less is expected, but you better have a plan. You haven't put any thought into this at all? Don't mind me if I match your forethought and pack things sloppily. While I'm moving stuff, it's always interesting to see what you find.

Don't mind me if I happen to notice and possibly laugh at some of the following:

  • There is more money in your couch than your wallet
  • You haven't cleaned behind your furniture since you bought it
  • The knots that you tied to hold down your mattress are the same you use to tie your shoes
  • There is more dirt in your carpet than in your garden
  • The entertainment center that you built in your house doesn't fit out your front door
  • Your shoes are untied, might want to double check that mattress

I enjoy helping people move. It's a quick service that will help others out a lot. For the most part I'll never see those people again, so I might as well end on a good note, as opposed to them remembering me as a jerk. But for those of you who haven't caught on yet to things, please take note here - get your act in gear.

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