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2005.11.18 Impersonal "Personal" Awards

Each year my department feels obligated to give out lame awards at the end of the year. They usually attempt to involve some sort of play on words, or inside reference to a certain experience. The award that I got was The Triple 6 Award. No matter which way I looked at it, all I could see out of it all was a satanic interpretation. Attempting to clarify, and make sure that I wasn't smoking one, I assumed that there had to be some sort of mistake. Did they mean to put triple 7's? Am I lucky or satanic?

Sure, I asked for an explanation, and I couldn't really get one up front. As is usually the case, a half hour after the fact some half-baked explanation was provided… which didn't make sense either. In a rush to create 40 "personalized" awards, they forgot to actually think. "Do you think he'd be offended by being awarded with 666? Nah, he's all about that sort of thing." Little do they know just how much of a waste of time I think those activities are.

Recruit the local brown-noser to generate the certificates, and he's got something to do, and you've got another way you can reason your way out of being a crappy leader. Good on ya.

Giving out year-end awards in mid-November? Doesn't the new year start in January?

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