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2005.06.28 Life Cereal is Bossy

Let me start this on the proper note: 'ding!'. Yes, that's a positive note, also recognized as me saying "I Love Life Cereal". This morning, while on vacation, I was enjoying a bowl of Life cereal. I hadn't had it in a while, due to my spree of buying welfare cereal (those big 'ol bags for such a low price… how can you go wrong?), and was reminded of just how good they were. Something that drew my attention was a little saying that they had on the back of the box (I gotta have something to read while I'm sitting there). "Enjoy every spoonful!" What if I don't, huh? What are you going to do to me if I don't? Wanna make something of it?

Yes, I understand that they're probably just trying to get people to enjoy their cereal, and not to pay attention to the sugar that is sprinkled everywhere, despite the fact that it's passed off as one of the "healthy" cereals. But I don't see a need to go and interrupt my nice happy, experience, and boss me around. I'm not offended or anything, but that whole bossiness (and no less, with an exclamation point), is a little too much.

So, in putting them to their test, I wanted to see if I could actually do what they insisted upon. Let me give you a couple of the highlights from the experience:

  • Bite 1 - Never my favorite, generally the milk hasn't had enough time to wet things sufficiently all over the place. Much of the top cereal is dry, yet the bottom stuff is wet.
  • Bite 5 - The clear winner in enjoyable bites. Great milk distribution, good amount of cereal on the spoon, good entry, nice crunch, the clear winner
  • Bite 13 - Milk is starting to get to the heart of each "bite size square", also known as getting soggy. I better hurry up, or else I might not enjoy too many further spoonfuls.
  • Bite 20 - The last bite, and still enjoyable. This one is better than bite 19, which was a little lacking in quantity, due to me having to fish around the bowl for additional wet offerings. This one was the final result of all of the bites. Good stuff

Well, congratulations Life and Quaker. You've pulled through on this one. If the bowl of cereal would have been just a bit bigger, however, I fear that your directive might not have been able to be followed. Might want to think twice about putting such stern statements on your future boxes. To give you a little taste of your own box-backing-text… "Don't do it again!"

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