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2005.05.19 Lyrical Vocabulary

Certain music is generally accompanied by certain vocabulary. It wouldn't be uncommon to find some expletives in rap, or rock. Country songs are generally accompanied by similar country-like vocabulary. The content of the songs would probably fall into the same general category. A rap song is less likely to talk about fishing than a country song would.

I've BSed a paper or two in my day. Okay, so maybe that might be a dozen or two, but that's not important. The important thing in BSing a paper is to know yourself well enough to know if you're doing a good job at the made-up paper. I know that I am NEVER going to insert any Latin phrases into my paper, no matter what. Et cetera might be the only thing, but I would generally abbreviate that one, just like everybody else does. So if I'm not going to use any Latin, why use a Latin phrase that a Thesaurus give me? Just to sound intelligent? Whatever.

I was listening to a song recently and was a little thrown off by the use of a word. The artist said the word "mycelium" (although it very well could have been moselium). Is it just me, or do you know what that first one is without looking it up? It's not that I don't understand the definition, but it's just not one of those that happens to find its way into my daily speaking.

From what I can tell this artist was going a little nuts with his thesaurus or rhyming dictionary. I can't even think of a word that might rhyme with that. I know this isn't like "orange" that supposedly doesn't have a rhyming word. I think this guy went a little beyond, that's all.

Similar phrases which I don't expect to find in a modern rock song which is actually played on the radio, and not just played by some crappy local band

  • I hooked up with a girl from the claque.
  • Our managing company was like a camarilla.
  • Dressed like a farmer her threads were very malapropos.
  • Prone to matutinal drinking, I started to think I had a problem.

I'm a fan of knowing your own language and being able to speak it well. Vocabulary is fine by me, and I hope that yours grows as you see fit, but let's stop the talk about the mycelium in the rock songs.

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