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2008.01.31 Magic from Her Fingertips

For some reason I was thinking of a movie I saw when I was a kid about a family that either lost their grandmother or somebody like that, and they got a new one. The catch to the “new” grandmother was that she was a robot (The Electric Grandmother). The coolest thing about this robot though, and something I tried to do for years following that, was that she could dispense liquid from her finger. She'd just point at the glass, and it'd start flowing right into the glass. You want some orange juice? *BAM* There you go. Milk? *BAM* Diet Coke? *BAM* Water? *BAM* Magic. Truly magic.

How exactly did I try to do the same feat? Well… when I'd get water on my hands (while washing my hands or when I was in the shower, or even when out washing the car), and it'd start to run off the end of one of my fingers in a stream… I thought I was the coolest kid ever… since obviously I could dispense liquids from my finger… as long as the liquid was water, and you didn't mind that it had a little soap in it. Yeah… I had magical powers like that.

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