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2006.07.17 Maybe It's Time

There isn't much more which shows you need drop a few pounds than when you break your toilet seat. It snapped right on one of the rims I was sitting on. Sure, I could claim that it was old, that it was bound to happen, that the broken plastic holders underneath it caused uneven weight distribution… but it's all B.S. Apparently certain previously received birthday gifts (the scale) weren't clue enough.

I'm not sure why our bathroom seems to be such a topic of conversation. Maybe because I'm male, maybe because I'm immature – who knows.

  • Maria flooding it
  • Maria flooding it again. I never wrote about it, but the toilet got clogged, then filled the bathroom with 1+ inch of water (and consequently beyond as well). We had to rip out the padding outside of the bathroom, and clean the carpet, then sleep on the couch that night, since the fan was so loud.
  • Our cool drinking fountain
  • And the ever-essential etiquette

I bet you were probably up late at night hoping I would compile a list of my bathroom references while I distracted you from a story about me breaking a toilet seat when I sat on it.

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