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2006.07.02 Melty is not a Word

Taco Bell currently has a series of commercials running right now that talks about the Food Square or 4th meal. I'm a supporter of Taco Bell, and think it's pretty tasty for the most part. I've eaten many meals there and could list my favorite items on their menu, but I won't. In the past I talked about how Life Cereal is Bossy, which was some feelings that I had about Life Cereal's decision in words. Well, on Taco Bell's Food Square (think of a food pyramid, but adapted to include this mysterious fourth meal (one is related to a balanced diet, the other talks about how you should eat another meal in the day/night)), they have decided to use a word which I cannot tolerate - melty.

I'm a fan of something I call "goo" in food. This is a special meat-cheese combination of which I am a particular fan. This can appear in quite a few locations like Philly cheese steak sandwiches, hamburgers, pizza, and Mexican food, just to name a few. I know that Taco Bell is aiming for something like that here. They have successfully used adjectives in the other four areas of their food square, such as 'crunchy', 'spicy', and 'grilled', but 'melty' is not a word.

Playskool gets away with horrible spelling, Life Cereal is Bossy, but Taco Bell… don't you join these other companies. Be strong, brave, and use a dictionary or thesaurus. Here are some additional words which aren't acceptable:

  • Lamey
  • Stupidy
  • Uncreativity
  • Advertisingly Bored(y)

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