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2005.05.31 Nokay

This word is as simple as they come. I don't know how many times a day each of us say "okay" but I would wager to say that it fairly common. It's not like we say it in every sentence, nor every conversation. We say it when it works. You all know when it works because you already use it. So if those simple sounds like "okay" work so well to show approval, then why not have a simple sound to show a lack of approval?

Too many times we find ourselves saying something like "no, that's not okay", "how about instead" or the harsh 'ol "no". "Okay" is an acceptable way to show approval, so if something isn't okay, just say it's not okay… shortened to nokay. Sounds easy enough to me.

I originally came up with this idea some time ago, and had spread it on to others around me. The acceptance of the word works very easily once introduced. I had a professor at one point use the word frequently in a class, and there wasn't ever a question about it. Since the word is short and sweet, so shall be this discussion of it.

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