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2005.07.10 Nose Juice

I love dogs. I grew up with a Yorki, he was a little older than I was and died when we were both twelve. After that my parents owned a Shih Tzu, a Bichon Frise and now my wife and I own a Boston Terrier.

What are some of the common things with all the dogs I've lived with? Four paws, two ears, two eyes, puppy love and nose juice. I've heard that it is good for a dog to have a wet nose, must they rub it on me all the time? In between my toes, on my hairy legs, hands, neck, face and somtimes with a charge at the face, my mouth. This is disgusting! Don't they now I don't rub my runny saliva nosed juice on them? This isn't just my issue, my wife agrees. "Not between the toes Olive!" I'll here from the next room.

I love pretty much everything else about my dog. We enjoy walks, the park, rides in the car and cuddling. Isn't it wonderful we submit ourselves to this breed of torture, and I'll probably always have a dog to share nose juice with.

Article originally posted by sammyp79 on pablonoesta.com.

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