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2006.04.19 Office Co-Workers

I've only tried to write about this now four times. This time though, I'm determined. Originally I was going to write about the Karpman Drama Triangle, then it was that same thing, but with regards to work, then I was just going to write about people who always think their life is the worst or they're the busiest or the most stressed (generally those who constantly play the victim role in that triangle), and now I'm going to just talk about people at work in general and the roles they play.

Lots of things have been able to point out many of the office quirks. I'll narrow it down to the following few choices:

  • Dilbert - the original. Everybody is convinced that the author, Scott Adams, actually works at their place of business
  • Office Space - Don't ask me how the creators of Beavis and Butthead broke office satire out into the wide world (best viewed when edited for TV)
  • The Office - the British, turned American, sitcom sadly hits on so many truths that I personally feel that I've worked for Michael Scott my whole career

Even though I didn't write about what I originally wanted, I still feel that the office is filled with people and quirks that deserve mention.

The victim is one that has drawn my attention recently, since I have come in more frequent contact with one over the past few weeks. Their life is so tough. They're so busy. Everything was due yesterday. Their work is so important. They're so annoying. For the most part it seems that they tend to forget that the rest of us have just as much, if not more work than they do. We all have a life in addition to what we do at work (except for those who sleep under their desk over night). Many times these same victims are the ones who talk the most, in an effort to seek additional pity for the rough life they lead. Unfortunately they also tend to be the recipient of most of my rudeness, and the recipient of the least of my listening time.

Topper, a great character created in Dilbert, always can top your story/experience/life. You may have met the President of the United States in the Oval Office, but they claim to have met 3 of the Presidents while receiving congressional medals of honor for various acts of duty that they performed during in the past 3 World Wars while they authored novels and coined famous quotes and originated the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It might not be to that extreme, but if you had a bad day yesterday, theirs was worse. If you happy about a raise, they're thrilled with theirs and their bonus.

I was told once that the difference between butt-kissing and brown-nosing was depth perception. Either way, these people are the bane of my existence. Most of these people are two-faced as they appear to the boss to be practically perfect in every way (not to be confused with Mary Poppins, who truly is), yet are flawful (nice double meaning there). I'm hopeful that most bosses are keen to the deception, but my recent encounters have shown that although they may be keen to it, they like it, and therefore reward it.

Stemming from conversations with the new person with whom I share a cubicle, this is the product of my thoughts on this subject… for now.

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