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2005.03.17 Our Amazing Race - Day 1 of 6

I got a phone call from my father, who tells me that he's got a sweet and sour story for me. In short, he wants me to get in contact with Alec so that he can find out if Alec would be interested in making an insane trip to Philadelphia the coming weekend. The Amazing Race is having an open casting call in Philadelphia for Season 8, and they want families of four to participate. It has been established that the four that they want to participate are my father, sister, brother, and my uncle.

Now you might be thinking, "Why not you?" I asked myself that same question, but saw the marketing potential to be a little different, and possibly advantageous to have my uncle on the show (he's hearing impaired (deaf)). Don't get me wrong, I still felt slighted, but figured that if they got on, it would still have been a cool experience in general. With that in mind, I contacted my brother, and had him call my father.

              <p>Sarah had found out about the open casting call, and had masterminded the Philadelphia side of the story. There were other conversations that happened, but I wasn't involved with any of them. I've documented all that I can remember, and will leave the rest up to the others. </p>
              <p>The evening comes, and my father calls me. Apparently 5 people can come to the audition, and the producers will apparently pick which 4 of the 5 they want. So, being the new 5th wheel (though it was claimed that I wasn't, it still felt that way), I was prompted to discuss it with Mary, and deliver my answer before 9 AM Friday.</p>
              <p>Mary and I talked things over, and we established that indeed I will go, despite her feelings against it in some areas. The possibilities of the whole thing are too much to try to plan, and very well could be pointless, since this rocket trip to Philly might be the only part of it all. "What if you're gone for 30-40 days? I can't have that happen!". I'm saying to msyelf&hellip; we're not talking about 30-40 days, we're talking about a weekend. If it comes down to the choice of going on the show or not&hellip; we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.</p>

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