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2005.05.27 Playskool

We're breeding low IQ's. Let's be honest about this one. If one of the major brands with which children interact can't even spell something correctly, we might have problems. Don't you see that as a little flawed? Most of us have seen the picture of the street painters who spell School like Shcool (You haven't? Click here). I think I'd agree with Playskool a bit more than Playshcool. The latter might be the Yiddish pronunciation.

I tend to agree with Strongbad in the For Kids (SB Email #110) email that we're potentially breeding low standardized test scorers, and candidates for repeating the third grade. I've witnessed this same crap on television shows which I admittedly record. They'll play a long 'ol sequence on Teletubbies (who probably deserve a Soap Box all by themselves) then they turn around and play it again, without a single thing changed. Any wonder why so many kids need things repeated to them?

Anyway, returning to Playskool, I would discourage them from continuing their activities. Sure they might claim that it'll cost them X amount of money to change everything… but I bet the lawsuit will cost them more. You'll have some mother in tears about the fact that her child lost some lame spelling bee. She'll end up trying to sue Playskool for having brainwashed her child into thinking that School was spelled the K way. It'll probably be the same dumb person who sued McD's for the hot coffee, or the dolt who tried to sue Nabisco because they claimed Oreo's were making them fat.

So what's my real point? We need a streamlined spelling of the word. If we decide that it should be spelled skool, then let's do this to this, instead of waiting around for another lame lawsuit to happen.

Other words which might or might not be cooler if spelled with a K

  • kool (oh yeah, that's a brand of cigarettes)
  • kueer
  • kognizant
  • kopacetic

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