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2005.08.05 Red Hair

I have no problem with red hair. Generally it is unique enough that it attracts the eye, and draws some extra interest. It's almost like you want, at one point in your life, to have a girl/boyfriend who has red hair, if for nothing else, than to be able to say that you've done it. It's kind of like somebody with a pierced tongue, but that's a separate article. The point of this one is that people with red hair generally fall into one of two major categories - Truly Ugly, or Very Attractive.

Amazing it is that there isn't a middle ground. There isn't a time when you see a middle of the road redheaded person. It must be against the rules or something like that. There is a plethora of varieties of people who have brown hair, blonde, black, whatever.

Not wanting to make any theories about why there isn't any so-so looking redheads, I'll just leave it at that.

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