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2006.08.16 Snakes on a Plane

Hollywood has got to be scraping the bottom of the idea barrel with this one. Imagine two guys sitting there saying…

"Okay, what are two things that would go really poorly together?"
"Uh… milk and apples?"
"No no, worse…"
"How about plaid and stripes?"
"No you idiot, something that's actually going to scare somebody - it doesn't have to be realistic at all…"
"Oh, I got it then… a bunch of snakes that get out of their containers while a plane is in the air?!"
"Roll tape – we've got a winner!"

Seriously. I only had to see the preview for a moment before I knew that it would be pure crap. Congratulations Hollywood, you've churned out a great candidate for the worst movie of the year.

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