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2006.02.06 Sociology

Due to censoring by my wife, I have taken down this post about Sociology, which was deemed too over-generalized. Despite the fact that the observation was made about a "weird number" of people - not the majority, not the minority, not everyone… I was on thin ice. To clarify a bit about my blog, and my observations or notes on here, let me continue…

This is my blog. I like it. I can free my mind here. I can talk about anything here. The appearance of a topic on this site does not automatically signify that I am poking fun, it just means that I have something to say. You are more than welcome to leave at any time if you don't agree with what I have to say. You can leave a comment, or if you're so inclined, start your own blog. In the mean time, this is my blog. Please take a moment to look around.

Coming soon… the battle of who could care less (not really… it's a
Ben Folds Five song
). On a side note, I've always been curious about the song itself, and think it might possibly need to be considered when I talk about how people mess up the whole Couldn't Care Less thing.

As another side note, you should be seeing my content from my soap box and other areas move over from Pablonoesta.com to here over the next bit. Still working out some of the logistics of where to file it all. Whatever.

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