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2006.01.23 Soggy Cereal

I really dislike soggy cereal. Some cereals are better when they're a bit wetter, and that's understandable. What I have a problem with is something like Life or Crispix getting soggy.

I have my cereal in the morning, while at work. The other day somebody came to my desk and was talking to me while I was prepping my cereal. I have it poured in my bowl, two little cups of milk ready to pour onto my cereal. And our conversation is obviously nearing the end. I pour the milk on my cereal, and then they ask me if I can do something else…

I say that I would be happy to do it, but in a couple of minutes. I've just poured my milk on my cereal and don't want it to get soggy. With the most incredulous look on her face, she asked me if I was serious. Obviously unaware of the ties between a man and his food (especially one with its quality related so proportional to its need for immediate consumption), I assured her of my seriousness, and carried on eating.

Bewildered by my actions, she walked away in a huff. No more than a couple minutes later, I completed her request, and carried on about my business. What is it that is so hard to understand? I don't like soggy cereal. It is a rare item indeed that is of such importance that it can't wait 2 minutes. And I guarantee you that an easy bowl of Life cereal can be finished off in that amount of time.

Despite Carl's Junior having that whole "Don't Bother Me, I'm Eating" ad campaign… I contend that it should be a law when it comes to freshly poured milk and cereal. Seriously, just walk away and come back when I'm done.

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