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2005.08.12 Stores with Entrance Fees

Let's be honest here - rarely do any one of us actually purchase something from some stores. We go in, check out the products, try some of them out, sit in the massage chairs, take a glance at the price, since we kind of like it, shake our heads at the price, and eventually hit the road. Since the stores rarely make a penny off of the majority of us that go in there, why not charge a dinky entrance fee?

I'd happily pay 25 cents to go into the store to play with their toys, sit in their massage chairs, try and figure out their gadgets, oogle at their prices, and sit in their massage chairs again. I could probably be talked into 50 cents, but much higher than that, and you're pressing your luck. Instead of getting nothing out of 90% of the people who enter the store, pick up an easy quarter off of each, and you're talking easy money. Think of it as the cheap amusement park where you can actually buy the rides - the prices aren't that much different than amusement parks.

This is a simple idea, and I hope Brookstone can actually put it into practice. I've got my quarter at the ready.

(why is it that their website has the slogan "Hard to Find Tools"? Makes you think they might need to redesign their site and store if people have a hard time finding stuff there. It'd be like some vacuum company with the slogan of "Hey, we suck!". Better think twice about that one there Sherlock.)

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