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2007.08.25 Site Revamp... Again

I'm in the middle of revamping the site. I've made the upgrade to Movable Type 4.0, but I have a lot of work to do to bring in a new design. What you see now isn't my design (I'll update this post when it's actually done). Until that time, I'll have different bits and pieces of the site working and not working the way they should, and with different pages looking different than others. Thanks for showing some patience as I work through this. To keep you guys a bit updated on what I still have to do, I'm making a list (it's probably more for me than anybody else):

  1. Implement New Designs for:
    • Blog
    • Billboard Charts - maybe time for that overhaul too? Certainly get at least a search form built in.
    • Implement new design for other parts of site
  2. Move over Page Copies/Rips
  3. Move over AboutMe/Contact page and get that working right. Maybe even separate those out for the new design.
  4. All Entries:
    • Tag
    • Possibly Markdown-ize
    • Possibly re-edit to dump "Excerpt"
    • Possibly get rid of intro and merge with body
  5. New favicon with new design
  6. Ma.gnolia:
    • Incorporate into lifestream feed
    • Make a new bookmarks page that pulls over a JavaScipt feed.
  7. Twitter
    • Move latest Twitter to my About Me page
    • Incorporate into lifestream feed
  8. Possibly re-enable Google Coop
  9. Enable/publicize LifeStream feed
  10. Fix print css on IE 6 and 7. Grr
  11. Flickr
    • Make random not just most recent?
    • Fix formatting to be square as opposed to one column – if so, make 4, not 3 (duh)

Things I've done:

Should be easy enough, right?

2007.07.02 5 Things - Listmania

I was (not super officially) tagged by Shelby to do the latest list thing. I'm happy to oblige, since I've never truly been tagged for one of these things but have been secretly wanting to do one. I modified the list back to the original requirement of 5 items and added the question she chose to exclude (plus added a new one of my own creation). Nothing here is listed in any particular order.


2007.03.21 More with Less

I imagine I could accomplish more by doing less, at least in some cases. I know this applies to more than just me. Coca-Cola could completely stop advertising and I would still buy just as much Diet Coke as I do currently. I imagine that there are several others out there that feel the same way. It's not like I think, “I just saw a commercial for Coca-cola, so I'll keep drinking Coke. Uh oh… now this one is for Pepsi, time for me to drink Pepsi instead.” I think they both could keep the millions/billions spent on advertising, and just keep getting my money I spend on their drinks. They'd get more money, by doing less work. With something like this, I wonder what other things out there in general, or even more specifically in my life, could use less work/attention/effort and be able to come out ahead. I might be able to start with the length of entries on my blog.

2007.03.11 Contact Form Idea

<heavy sarcasm>Hey, I've got a great idea… Use my handy contact form to ask me a legit and valid question (which I'm usually happy to answer), and don't leave me a legit and valid email address so I can respond to you.</heavy sarcasm> Sounds like a great way to not get your question answered, and for me to add you to my mental list of people with whom I'd rather not converse in the future. Here's lookin' at you kid.

2007.02.07 The Vastness of the Internet

I'm constantly amazed at what I find on the internet. It seems that several times a week I find some new site that I didn't know existed, or wouldn't have even thought existed. The amount of content out there/here is overwhelming. Last night I was pointed to a web site by a guy who collects copies of boxes, decals, and instructions from model spaceships. Why? Why not?


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