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2006.10.16 Redesigning Longbored Surfer

The Longbored Surfer redesign is slowly progressing in my mind. I'm really taking a lot of time to look at various sources of inspiration. Among them:

There seems to be various surfing themes. When I think of surfing, I think of the beach as well as the ocean towns/cities. You've got the peers, and the fishing/festivities there. You've got the "great" shopping, and the fashion-oriented people. Of all the things I can think of though, I enjoy the laid-back attitude that comes with the surfer people, and the ones who enjoy the ocean for what it is. The camaraderie of the people seems to be palpable as is their respect for and love of the ocean, waves, and nature.

My fear or problem with the redesign is trying to get computers/the internet to work in with an ocean/surfing theme. I'm really trying to stay clear of the Web 2.0 look/feel, but I don't want anything super complicated. Realizing more and more that I'm not a great designer, I don't want to try to make this site a design masterpiece. It will have spectacular code behind it, but it doesn't have to be visually ground-breaking. I like the cleanliness of many blogs out there, but I still want mine to be different enough to keep the attention of a visitor. During the redesign I'll stick to one theme (instead of the three I currently have), and make sure I add/create a printable css to go along with the screen theme. That way, whenever somebody decides to print, it'll automatically format itself correctly and cut out the extra stuff.

With all of these thoughts in my head I suppose it'll just be . I'll put together a few different ideas/themes in Fireworks and see if they strike my fancy. Wish me luck.

2006.08.06 Movable Type Upgrade

I've gone ahead and upgraded the system to Movable Type 3.31 from 3.2. I'll admit that as it appears to be successful, that it was one of the easiest upgrades I've ever made to a CMS (content management system). I'll give it up to the folks over at Six Apart for making a great tool. It's available for free for you personal bloggers out there, and also has lots of additional options for others. Check it out.

2006.06.22 Welcome Back, Self

I seem to have forgotten why I created this place. I wanted something informal. I wanted a place to speak/type my thoughts even if it wasn't anything profound. PabloNoEsta.com turned in to something too formal for me, so I resorted to this happy place. So, in attempts to not forget my reasons for making it, I'm going to be doing more entries. They may be shorter, not as earth-breaking, and on a wider variety of topics… but this is my blog. Welcome back, self.

2006.06.15 Longbored Compliant

It may not mean much to very many people (especially considering the number of people who actually read this blog), but I have some good news - this website is now fully XHTML compliant. Please, no need for gifts. I'll just put another notch in my walking staff, and consider this something else to be pleased with. Now all I need to do is redesign this place, instead of resorting to my usual template thievery.

2006.03.31 Geekiness Continues

Since I'm still a geek at heart, I constantly spend time to upgrade and improve junk. Such is the case here with Longbored Surfer. You may have noticed that today's date is now always populated there in the upper left-hand side (thank you PHP). I've also fixed the "Remember Me" checkbox on a story's page (appears I took out a link to a java script). I added the ability to subscribe/unsubscribe to emails about when I update the site (all automated). I also added the ability for anybody to email any story to somebody. It really just sends them a link so they can come here and read the story. Trivial though these upgrades may be, I think they're pretty cool.

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