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2006.03.05 Billboard Charts, Plogger and Credit

Some of you might have noticed, but I never really pointed it out… but I added the Billboard Year-End charts over there on the side. They were one of the first things that I put on PabloNoEsta.com, but aligning with the new site themes, they have found their way over here. In addition to adding the Billboard stuff, I moved the Longbored Photos over to Plogger. It's not the greatest, but it works a bit better with the multiple themes that I have. Let me tell you about this stuff.


2006.02.23 New Server

Welcome to the new home of Longbored Surfer. Nothing should look different, because nothing is different from your point of view. We've moved to a server with a bit more space, and with improved up-time. The price isn't the same as what I had before, but it's still pretty decent. In case you hadn't noticed the cool little theme changer down in the bottom right of the page, under the 'Geeky Junx' section, you can now swap themes of the site. I'm working out some of the finer details of it, but overall it's pretty cool. Sorry for the downtime and lack of updates. I was just waiting for this all to get sorted out.


2006.02.12 The Content Migration

Well……. not that anybody but a select few people will care, but I've not migrated quite a bit of content over from PabloNoEsta.com. In the constant effort to get my websites up with what I originally had in mind, I'm moving over the Soap Boxes, Light Bulbs, and Lists (as well as other random posts). I've completely moved the first two (but haven't yet deleted the old ones off of there). Only the Lists elude me right now.


2006.02.02 New Domain Home - Part 2

Okay, it's official now. I'm not sure if anybody noticed it, but we're here now at the new domain of LongboredSurfer.com. If you typed in the old address, you'll have been forwarded here automatically. No longer am I limited to being a sub-domain… I'm my own whole domain. Hopefully with this place being here, I'll really take advantage of it all. Glad to have you here. Welcome… again… to The Longbored Surfer. Yippie! (happy Groundhog Day, by the way… go watch that fabulous movie!)

2006.02.01 Dynamic Publishing and PHP

Not that anybody will care about this article, except maybe one or two people, I still wanted to document how I got this site working on PHP, and technically able to dynamically run. I'd like to tell you that it was just as easy as SixApart/Movable Type made it out to be, but that's not the case.


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