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2005.11.16 MacGourmet Templates

I've regained an interest in MacGourmet. I can't say that I ever really LOST interest in it, but it wasn't at the front on my mind. I was looking at some site stats for my other home and found that I had a lot of traffic due to recipes that weren't incorporated into my site, specifically my 2 dinky MacGourmet collections (I Have This Really Good Recipe For… and Recipes from Other Places).


2005.11.01 Fixing Printers

I'm not saying that I spent 3 hours today fixing 3 different printers, I'm just typing it.


2005.05.23 Cleaning Mice

They're squeaky at times. They consume most things that surround them. They're generally a certain size. Despite some people's sincerest desires, they do serve a purpose in this world. If they get dirty, they don't work as well. Some people will complain about them, but the honest truth is that they just need to clean their computer mouse.


2005.05.11 PBAA

The meetings are held every second tuesday of the month at 7 PM. They meet in City Hall, down the first hall on the left. You'll find them all together in the third room on the right. They stand and tell their names. The others greet that person by their name. They then say that they're an addict, and have been for a given amount of time. Welcome to your local meeting of PBAA - Progress Bar Addicts Anonymous.


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