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2010.11.16 T-SQL ASCII Text Art Generator

I've made a (practically completely useless) T-SQL ASCII Text Art Generator. Despite my affection for all things Apple, during the day people pay me to be a Microsoft/Windows geek - specifically a T-SQL and Microsoft's SQL Server (and Reporting/Intelligence Services) geek. I needed a little brush-up on loops, and went overboard to make this thing. If you feed in the right stuff, you'll end up with useless things like this:

88""Yb 888888 8888b.  88""Yb  dP"Yb  
88__dP 88__    8I  Yb 88__dP dP   Yb 
88"""  88""    8I  dY 88"Yb  Yb   dP 
88     888888 8888Y"  88  Yb  YbodP  

I've made the code available for your useless purposes (and I offer no waranty or support for this stuff). You can see the clean version here and the more easily editable version here. I've licensed the code under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike. Copy, distribute, transmit, adapt the work, so long as you give me credit for the original, and if you distribute this (or a variation) that you have a similar license. I have no clue how well it'll work in MySQL, but I'm sure somebody can find out. No matter what, enjoy.

2010.09.20 Useless Fliers

Useless FlierI found great humor in Josh Millard's Useless Fliers. I immediately copied his idea, and made several of my own fliers/flyers, and posted them at work. My only problem was that I didn't want anybody to know it was me. Here we are now, months later and I still don't think anybody truly figured it out (though some were pretty close). Either way, it doesn't matter, since I've stopped. Despite that, I wanted to share my creations with you people reading the internet. Print one of these things out. Cut where appropriate. Post it. Enjoy the results. As with other creations, I'd love to hear about your own. Some of my favorite (of my own creations) are:

You can see the full listing of fliers, and download your copies to print out here. Several of them came about as inspired by McSweeney's Lists (a continual source of enlightenment). Happy posting!


2010.07.29 Tile we Meet Again

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic The other day, Cabel Sasser (@cabel) (of Panic, fireworks displaying, and snack hunting), tweeted about some tile work uncovered in a building undergoing renovations (I'd love to know the building's name). Five days later, he tweeted again showing the unfortunate destruction of that same tile work. I thought it'd be a shame if that tile didn't get more attention/rememberance, and spent the time to digitize it.

Here is the base hexagonal pattern, and a modification using Panic's (and their awesometastic FTP application Transmit's) colors:


Additionally, I've gone and created a full-sized desktop picture (perfectly fits my 27" iMac).

Download: my original Fireworks PNGs. The file has both the main, hexagonal pattern, and the side square pattern. If you create your own versions, I'd love to hear about them.

2010.03.16 G2 20100319

G2 20100319 - Front (Short)I hate 80's Music, or at least that's what I thought, and what I've offended countless people by saying in the past. If you're a regular reader of my ramblings, you're familiar with my G2 series of mixes I make for Maria. Among the various mixes, I've tackled the 60's and 70's on their own mix, with the latter being one of the current kings of the hill as a double disc album. So, it's with a humble heart that I apologize to all of those people who I have offended with this mistaken odious proclamation. I'm sorry, I just wasn't giving the 80's enough credit, and the statement was too broad. I just hate Tears for Fears, The Cure, and that general style of 80's New Wave (as well as some of the overly synthesized or strong-beat) music. Now that I've probably offended the same fans of the 80's all over again, let's get on with this mix.


2009.10.02 G2 20091001

G2 20091001 - Front We closed on our first home yesterday. We're thrilled. Due to an upcoming anniversary, the new home, and because I think Maria is wonderful, I made another G2 album. I know. I should post less about projects and more about my kids.

Cecilia went on her first sleep-over the other night. I wasn't really ready for it. I missed her. Becky talks constantly. One of our favorite words to have her say is “Moist.” It's cute, along with several other words, as long as she's not screaming. She loves to talk and sing… and purses.

I'll move on to the details of this thing. Read on to be fascinated.


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