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2009.09.07 Houndstooth

Houndstooth - GreyPossibly due to an article I recently linked to (you should subscribe to my links feed), I felt like making a houndstooth pattern for the computer. I would caution you against using on your whole screen, since it'll probably hurt your eyes. If you're a rebel with a cause (of using dangerously named patterns), go ahead and grab a copy of the larger pattern (pictured here), or its smaller cousin (available here), tile it on your desktop, and get ready to lose sight of your desktop.

2009.08.31 Maria's Party Invitations

A while back I created an invitation for Maria's birthday party. Inspired by a birthday card created by the incredibly talented Ben Schlitter, I wanted to add a personal touch to the invitations. I wanted something beyond the usual hand-lettering which let people know an invitation was hand-made, but didn't want it to look too amateurish. Granted, this invitation was technically computer-made, but you know what I mean. With a Mexican theme to the party, I went to work.


2009.06.13 G2 20090612

G2 20090612 - Front (Small)It's the Year of MMIX, and you need to be making a mix. We've already talked about this. I don't just want say you need to make a mix, but I've now spun up the first disc to get this party started… or jam session. It's just shy of six months since I created the previous G2 album, but I'm back with another. Breaking from the norm, this album has less to do with my love for my wife, but more to do with a theme of music. I really aimed for music one could just chill out, lounge around, put this album on, sip a drink, enjoy some conversation and good company… and be perfect. Additionally, it'd be something that I think I could play if/when Maria and I sit out on the deck in the evenings together.


2008.12.23 Christmas Card 2008

I'm afraid what will happen if I go after another design-centered posting here, but you're going to get it.

5x7 Christmas Card 2008 Luckily for you, this project only had one direction, and one result, and was fairly simple. At this point in time (+/- a few days), it's almost safe to say that if you haven't received a Christmas card from us, you're probably not going to get one. It may be personal, but it probably isn't, especially if you're reading this site. No offense, really. In any case, you can see the card, and read on if you are interested in its design. Read more...

2008.12.15 G2 20081225

G2 20081225 - Amiga - Front (Small)I couldn't wait. I'm excited for Christmas, and having completed this new G2 mix almost two weeks before the big date, I just had to bust it out. On the previous G2 I said I wouldn't wait so long to complete the next one. Not only did I improve on the previous time gap of one year, but this very well could be the closest together any two G2's have been since Maria and I were dating. As nice as you are to read these unimportant things, I imagine you're only wanting to get down to the music.G2 20081225 - HMV - Front (Small) Having previously knocked out the 70's on a G2 I wanted to venture even further backwards and tackle the 60's. All music on this ablum is from the Billboard Top 100 from the 1960's. Additionally, I couldn't decide which album cover I liked more, so I ended up going with two. I'll discuss the design of those further on. I've grouped the new covers in with the older ones if you want to sneak a full-size peak. I warn you now, I'm a little long-winded on this one…


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