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2008.10.13 G2 20081012

G2 20081012 - FrontYou knew it would happen again. It's been almost a year since I finished the previous G2 (this one I finished on 10/10, so I'm one day short of a year). For those of you unfamiliar, the G2's are CD mixes I make for my wonderful wife, Maria. This one was made yet again for our anniversary. You'll never guess how long we've bee married. I like sharing the playlist/song with you, and telling a little about the design of the covers. I reserve the right to tell you what I want about the songs I selected for the album, as usual. Unlike the previous G2, this one didn't have a specific theme, or original set of music from which I selected.


2007.12.12 Christmas Card 2007

We recently sent out our Christmas card for this year, and I wanted to talk about the making of it. Most, if not all, of the Christmas cards should have arrived at their destinations. If you didn't get one… don't feel too bad, since I'm about to tell you all about it, and you can print one for yourself if you'd like. That saves me the cost of printing/mailing, and also the need to come up with something to say (if anything) on the back of your card. Consider this the easy way of doing Christmas cards.


2007.10.11 G2 20071012

G2 20071012 FrontThe G2 collection has rolled onward. This time in honor of my anniversary with Maria. Although I started making this particular edition in attempt to meet up with Maria's birthday, I didn't make anywhere nearly in time. This one had a very specific set of music from which to pick and choose. In honor of Maria being a child of the 70's, and me being generally a fan of the 70's, I decided to make this collection entirely out of 70's music – specifically songs from the Billboard Top 100 charts. I made another CD in the G2 series. As usual, I provide the song list more for information rather than input. I'm not opposed to input, but it's not going to change anything (since I've already given it to her). I'll throw out the disclosure on this one that there are more songs on these 2 discs that I would never give to her in all seriousness. If you're saying to yourself, “Whoa… he confessed to giving her that song?” – that's almost 100% guaranteed on there in reference to an inside joke or something along those lines. I'll talk more about the artwork below the song lists.


2007.03.23 G2 20070323

g2_20070323_front.jpgI made another CD in the G2 series. You can read more about them here. I really enjoy making the CDs and I enjoy giving them to Maria. Recently I've enjoyed spending more time on the actual artwork for the album, although it probably gets the least amount of appreciation, thanks to the digital age in which we live. Like before, I've made the list of songs on the album available for your viewing, not really for your input. You might find a song you like, you might not.


2006.11.08 My Mood Is Controlled by the Spurs

Spurs Desktop PictureI'd like to welcome each of you to the time of year in which my mood is impacted by the performance of a certain sports team. I can't say how much my life is impacted by the San Antonio Spurs, but I know it is to some extent. I recently read (actually listened to) the book "Fever Pitch" and made quite an impression on me (thanks to my brother for the suggestion on the book).

No, I didn't watch the movie, I was told that it sucked compared to the book. I was also told that the movie somewhat ruined the book. In case you're super curious, I was told that the guy who reads the book is the same guy who (in the movie Notting Hill) goes with Hugh Grant up to Anna Scott's hotel room – but you're probably not that curious.

The book is about a soccer fan in England, and how his life in completely tied to soccer. It analyzes the motives, habits, and reasoning of a sports fanatic. Although I don't consider myself nearly as lost in sports as the author of the book, I could certainly relate to many of his stories. So, before the fifth game of the season takes place this evening, I again express my good tidings to you as the year finally begins. If I'm groggy, upset, or making obscure references, it's probably just about a game that took place – shame on you for not knowing.


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