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2007.08.16 Hole in Wonder

Usually the question is asked when we when we step onto the tee box of a Par 3… "Have you seen one?" My father asks it almost every time. If not him, then maybe my brother does. The answer has always been no. Today on the 15th hole at Navy Golf Course in Seal Beach that answer was changed. Apparently no more than 1 minute after telling himself that maybe he was done for the day, and maybe even for longer (since he was playing so bad), my father took his 6 iron and at a smooth 165 yards did the most efficient thing possible in golf, and just put it in the hole. Congratulations. I wish I could have been there.

2007.08.06 Fantasy - Really all that Bad?

How much did you make fun of them as a kid – the kids who gathered together to play a little D&D, Magic card games, talked about mythical beasts (like Ligers – bred for their skills in magic), had little figurines they had hand-painted so carefully, or carried on about the latest in, what was to me, the lamest thing around. They just seemed to be in their own world, incapable of having a legitimate conversation with others about normal, non-imaginary, real things. Whatever your tactic was in school, most people knew to stay clear of them, otherwise you would soon become among the victims of endless taunting and harassing. Little did I know that years later I would secretly come to thoroughly enjoy that f word they were all about… Fantasy.


2007.06.21 Superstitions

They don't appeal to the logic in any of us, yet we still have them. Different cultures have their tendencies, and different followings also have their own issues. When it comes to the Spurs and the playoffs, I'm a lost cause. From personal attire to actions, to timing of events, their performance is entirely up to me. I know it's somewhat irrational, but it's just how a sports fan's life is. I've seen a few kooky superstitions and heard of a few others. With regards to me and the Spurs though, I'm happy to divulge this year's superstitions and what it was that I personally did that made the San Antonio Spurs win the NBA Championship. Please check your feelings against superstitions at the door.


2007.05.30 Best Worst Ever Never

It's debatable. To say that something is the best or worst or to make those kind of comments that seem to block out other possibilities – I find it annoying. It feels like it's been happening more and more recently.


2007.05.20 They Still Left the Bench

You may remember that I'm a fan of the San Antonio Spurs (and Manu, but he's not in this story, really). Recently there was a bit of controversy involved with a player on that team fouling another player in an excessively hard way. Immediately after the foul, 2 players from the opposing team left the bench (which is against the rules) in support of their teammate. Very shortly afterwards, they came to their senses and returned to the bench area, without having involved themselves at all in the game or with other players. Despite the innocence of the move by those two players (since they didn't actually do anything), they were suspended for 1 game each, as is dictated by the rule. The original player on the Spurs was suspended 2 games.


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