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2007.04.26 Skip To My Lou (and Contest)

A little over 2 years ago I talked about The Soundtrack of Your Life. It was an activity with which I was thoroughly pleased originally and have been reminded of its coolness. I've been listening to a lot of my previous mixes I've made lately, and among them was my own personal soundtrack. The super strict side of me would say that you shouldn't know the song list unless you yourself have done the actual challenge, but I still feel like posting it. Also, at the end of the post, I tell you how I'll buy you an album from the iTunes Store… tantalizing… I know.


2007.04.09 The Movie Theater, the Right Way

Reserved seats. No lines. No guessing on what seat I'd end up with. No need to show up super early to get the seat you want. No theater had allowed me to do this previously. No wonder I thought it was one of the best experiences at a movie theater in a long time.


2007.03.26 Give 'em a Call

I call companies. They put phone numbers on their products, pamphlets, packaging, whatever, and I call them. I do this to either ask a question, or more frequently, make a comment about their service(s). Maria thinks I'm a little bonkers for doing it, but I feel quite different about it. Allow me to expand on this concept.


2007.03.23 G2 20070323

g2_20070323_front.jpgI made another CD in the G2 series. You can read more about them here. I really enjoy making the CDs and I enjoy giving them to Maria. Recently I've enjoyed spending more time on the actual artwork for the album, although it probably gets the least amount of appreciation, thanks to the digital age in which we live. Like before, I've made the list of songs on the album available for your viewing, not really for your input. You might find a song you like, you might not.


2007.03.21 More with Less

I imagine I could accomplish more by doing less, at least in some cases. I know this applies to more than just me. Coca-Cola could completely stop advertising and I would still buy just as much Diet Coke as I do currently. I imagine that there are several others out there that feel the same way. It's not like I think, “I just saw a commercial for Coca-cola, so I'll keep drinking Coke. Uh oh… now this one is for Pepsi, time for me to drink Pepsi instead.” I think they both could keep the millions/billions spent on advertising, and just keep getting my money I spend on their drinks. They'd get more money, by doing less work. With something like this, I wonder what other things out there in general, or even more specifically in my life, could use less work/attention/effort and be able to come out ahead. I might be able to start with the length of entries on my blog.

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