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2006.08.03 That's What I Would Do Too

I was in a fast food "restaurant" today enjoying my meal when a woman walked in. She proceeded to register, where the cashier was busy with another customer. The lady slid her arm out of her right bra strap, took a napkin off of the counter, and left the building. I kid you not. Go figure.

2006.07.02 Melty is not a Word

Taco Bell currently has a series of commercials running right now that talks about the Food Square or 4th meal. I'm a supporter of Taco Bell, and think it's pretty tasty for the most part. I've eaten many meals there and could list my favorite items on their menu, but I won't. In the past I talked about how Life Cereal is Bossy, which was some feelings that I had about Life Cereal's decision in words. Well, on Taco Bell's Food Square (think of a food pyramid, but adapted to include this mysterious fourth meal (one is related to a balanced diet, the other talks about how you should eat another meal in the day/night)), they have decided to use a word which I cannot tolerate - melty.


2006.06.12 Carl's Jr. Has it All Wrong

Let's think about this slogan - "If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face." I know that I was taught very well, and I don't always perform up to my ability when it comes to manners. With that in mind however, I know I don't have the worst table manners either. If something actually does get all over the place, then I must not be doing a very good job at getting it in my face.


2006.04.10 Candy Organization

I organize my candy before I eat it. I'm not sure exactly why I do it, but I do. Maria would probably claim that it's my OCD showing through once again. I would contend that it gives me an activity to do while I do another activity - the super multi-tasker showing through again.


2006.03.31 Sharing Food

Call me a germaphobe, picky, selfish, whatever… but I don't share food. It's really all about serving portability. You can separate it into two separate pieces before any possible cross-contamination can occur? Great. Trying to have me eat off of the same piece as you? No way. It might just be that I'm paranoid that there be some potential carry-over or contamination between your germs and mine. Yes, I'm aware of the fact that your fork touched your mouth, which touched some piece of food, which my fork could touch, which could touch my mouth. Call me paranoid, grossed out, whatever. I'll take it.


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