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2006.03.14 After-cereal Milk

The sequel to most things just isn't as good as the original. I'm not going to claim that the milk left over after a bowl of cereal is better than the main course, but it certainly is delicious. It ranges in quality - post-Cap'n Crunch milk - not that great… post-Honey Nut Cheerios - fabulous. Certain cereals rank higher for me personally on nothing but the milk. Next time you think about tossing that milk out - check to see if it might just be worth the extra slurp.

2006.02.15 A Mean Piece of Toast

The Perfect ToastJust wanted to let you know that I make a mean piece of toast. Sure, it's just toast, but you have to start somewhere. I'm glad that I've carried on such a fine tradition of toast making. It could be a lost art, but I've stepped up to the plate and shown my amazing culinary abilities once again.

2006.01.23 Soggy Cereal

I really dislike soggy cereal. Some cereals are better when they're a bit wetter, and that's understandable. What I have a problem with is something like Life or Crispix getting soggy.


2005.11.29 Recipes and Comments

In honor of nothing, I've added a couple new things that might be worth noting:


2005.11.16 MacGourmet Templates

I've regained an interest in MacGourmet. I can't say that I ever really LOST interest in it, but it wasn't at the front on my mind. I was looking at some site stats for my other home and found that I had a lot of traffic due to recipes that weren't incorporated into my site, specifically my 2 dinky MacGourmet collections (I Have This Really Good Recipe For… and Recipes from Other Places).


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