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2005.05.13 Tour de Fast Food

The Tour de Fast Food is for those of us who can't really decide what we want for dinner, yet we know we want to eat out. As of this writing, our daughter functions perfectly in a car. In other words, she falls asleep. In order to avoid crying and fussing while sitting somewhere, we have restricted our food service consumption to that of the fast persuasion (so we don't have to take her out of the car and wake her up).


2005.05.13 Continuous Pocket Change

The continuous pocket change theory, or practice is very quite simple. I never want to have more than 99¢ of change in my pocket. Because of that, I choose to recycle my change. Any time that I'm asked to pay an amount in cash, I try to utilize any/all of my coins to make the purchase possible.


2005.04.25 Buttload

The Metric system is handy when dealing with science. It can be twisted and turned and it all relates to itself in so many ways. It really is pretty cool. The Standard (American) System is uh… handy too I suppose. It makes you seem fatter though, since you're not just 80 kilos, you're 176 pounds. 80 isn't that bad, but 176?! Whoa! Anyway, they're both standardized systems, and they're handy and whatnot.


2005.04.22 Soundtrack of Your Life

This challenge is best accomplished with a friend doing it at the same time. The concept isn't that hard to follow, but there are a few guidelines, which can be bent or broken depending on the pre-arranged agreement.


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