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2007.01.08 Puzzle Piece Stealers

They know that the person to put in the last piece of the puzzle somehow gets a bit more glory. While others are feverishly putting the puzzle together, and obviously doing more of the puzzle than them, they sneak a piece off of the table to be revealed later.


2006.12.30 Huge Posters

We've all seen those guys on TV parade around with big 'ol posters of somebody's face on them. There seem to be quite a few people that own those posters. I'm not entirely familiar with their cause, or the purpose of the parading, but I have to ask… where do they get those posters? Kinkos? The local religious zealot material distribution center? I've been to some of those centers, and I'll admit I didn't see any of those things. Do you have to special order them? Do they keep them in the back? Do I have to give some sort of code word to get to see them? Is there a catalog of them?

"Ohhh, I see you've got one of the Groundskeeper from Caddy Shack! Uh… could I get that in a sepia tone? Oh yeah, and toss in an order of fries and a Diet Coke while you're at it."

Is it considered shameful not to have one of them? Not only do I not own an oversized poster with the likeness of my preferred religious leader on it, I don't personally know anybody who does. Would my lack of ownership make me exempt from one of those rally things? How about from gaggles, or shindigs, or gatherings? How about from parades? Am I not allowed to act like I'm watching The Rose Parade this coming Monday, just because I don't own one? Maybe I can find some poster-board, and a magic marker and go for it. I hope nobody minds if my hand-drawn picture looks like something from Calvin and Hobbes. It's either that, or you can speed up the delivery of my poster, and toss in one of my favorite motivational speaker, Matt Foley.


2006.10.27 Fast Food Workers

Twice in the past week have I visited a fast food "restaurant". The workers I fully respect. For the most part they do a job I'm not willing to do for equal wages (I'll let you know when I think of the exception to that). I come to relate a story from those two instances, both showing why I might have issues in working with individuals of an equal level of competency.


2006.10.18 Apex of your Existence

Don't let one experience define your life. Nothing should be able to narrow your frame of reference so much that everything else you experience must be compared to that one thing.

The only way that one experience, or a set of experiences becomes the apex of your existence is that you continue to focus on your past as you move forward.


2006.10.04 The Circus

Recently I went to the circus. Sure, Cecilia had a great time, but that's not the point here. I wish to address the origin of the acts. Similar to my previous discussion about Snakes on a Plane, I can only imagine that some of the circus acts were created in the same way.


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