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2005.11.23 Urgent Voice Mail

Just because you don't listen to your voice mail doesn't mean that I don't. Just because you only esteem the "urgent" messages from others as urgent, doesn't mean that I do. You, nor your message, is important enough for me to work with it any quicker than I would anybody else's message. It never helps that you send EVERY message as "urgent". When is something NOT urgent? Has it ever crossed your mind that there might be a hierarchy of urgency? Whoa… go figure. You're an idiot.


2005.11.18 Impersonal "Personal" Awards

Each year my department feels obligated to give out lame awards at the end of the year. They usually attempt to involve some sort of play on words, or inside reference to a certain experience. The award that I got was The Triple 6 Award. No matter which way I looked at it, all I could see out of it all was a satanic interpretation. Attempting to clarify, and make sure that I wasn't smoking one, I assumed that there had to be some sort of mistake. Did they mean to put triple 7's? Am I lucky or satanic?


2005.09.09 The Slide Advancer

Sometimes when people are giving presentations to a large group of people, they aren't able to stand right by their computer to advance it to the next slide, so they use some form of electronic signaling device to advance the slides. The receiving end is attached to the computer, and by pointing it in the general direction of the computer and clicking the button, it goes to the next slide. What baffles me is that some people seem to think that their presentation is a TV and by pointing this device at the screen and clicking the button, that it will advance.


2005.08.31 Ignoring the Issue

The other day I was having a conversation with one of my various bosses. I was asked why I was in a self-proclaimed "bad mood" when I gave a presentation earlier. I work with this same person on a team, where we're all supposed to be equals. It has resulted (as little surprise to me) that this person is delegating more than collaborating (any positive number is greater than zero). I explained that my bad mood was due to this person as a team mate, since they weren't doing their part, just being a bad team member. After they laughed, said "I know" then changed the subject to something else (all in about as much time as it took you to read those actions), this person took another step towards boss infamy.


2005.07.20 Intra-Office Email

Emails get sent out all the time which announce a variety of things. A new deal with ________ a company-wide notice about ________ and organizational announcement about somebody who got ________ new position. It could really be anything. What never ceases to amaze me is just how stupid some people are when it comes to such wide-spread emails.


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