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2005.07.13 Talking to the Speaker

Why do people say "Good Morning" back to a speaker when they're told the same at the beginning of a speech? From what I understand, it's not like we're part of an infomercial."And do you know what else it can do?" (with the crowd responding) "What else can it do?!". Unless there is some sort of prior agreement to respond as an audience member, do the rest of us a favor, and shut it.


2005.05.31 Holding the Handrail

Some people are total klutzes. I can descend stairs without a problem. I can take the stairs two at a time if I choose. I can take them one a time fairly quickly without a problem. But some people just can't do that. Let me introduce something to you with which you might not be familiar. It's called a handrail.


2005.05.16 Talking to a Point

If I'm going to talk to you, it would be understood that my words are aimed your general direction (whether over the phone or in person, it doesn't matter). If I'm going to drive to the store, then it would be understood that I am going to maneuver my car in the direction of a business which sells items. Knowing that whenever anybody (fill in a verb here) TO something, they are doing something physically involving something else.


2005.05.13 The Revolving Door

At the building where I work there is a revolving door. It's flanked by two normal push doors. Those doors do not have handles on the outside. If you want to enter one of the side doors, the security guard on the inside has to push a little button to open the door. A little known feature is that there is also a button on the outside that can open one of those doors. This button works only during business hours.


2005.05.11 Email Retards

The clip of the dancing trombone player, babies spitting up, the fruitcake lady, foreign commercials, sports bloopers, every joke imaginable, how hell is exothermic, whatever. One "friend" sent you all of those emails. You've seen each of those emails and you know they're coming again, because this one friend is a total retard when it comes to email.


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