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2005.04.21 The Fridge Nazi

There is a fridge in my area at work. It is a community fridge and everybody is allowed to use it as they see fit. Now the stereotype for the workplace fridge is for them to get totally nasty and gross and essentially useless. That is not the case with this fridge. People, for the most part, do a good job at maintaining the contents of the fridge and not to let things get out of hand.

With that in mind, there is a Fridge Nazi who has put themselves in charge of determining the rules for the fridge. Last Friday there was a note put on the fridge at about noon that anything that was in the fridge at 2:30 that wasn't labeled would be thrown away.

I use the fridge for one purpose: milk. Each week I bring in a half-gallon of milk so that I can have some milk for my cereal in the morning. I finish the milk in about a week's time, maybe a little more. The milk rarely expires (if it does I still am likely to consume it, since it's just a day or so past the date).

Why somebody feels like they're empowered to decide that rules must be followed for a community area is beyond me. I almost feel like showing up at 2 AM one day and posting something that says that people must either label their stuff, or I'll throw it away at 4 AM. It'd be the same difference as somebody posting it at noon for a deadline of 2 PM. I'd have a field day with that one. Nobody in their right (or left) mind is at work at 2 AM. Think of how upset people (and hopefully the Fridge Nazi) would be.

Despite the fact that my milk was not thrown away, it bugged me. On my way to work on Monday, having remembered the note, and fearing that my milk had been thrown away, I came up with a couple ideas in dealing with the elusive fridge nazi.

  • Posting my 95 grievances with the oppressive individual
  • Creating a "Have You Seen Me?" poster for my missing milk
  • Making 'Wanted' posters for a silhouetted Fridge Nazi
  • Doing that "Label your stuff or I'll throw it away" thing at 2 AM, and really just move the food to another fridge

Sure, people might start to get offended by the smell from a mistreated fridge, but it has never gotten to that point. This fridge nazi probably meets up with others to discuss strategies in posting stupid signs, or maybe to talk about the most food they've thrown away. It's probably a competition. They've got a quota to meet, or else they get voted off the island.

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