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2006.02.03 The Intern (me)

I'm doing an internship in a different department at the moment. The one person who currently does the job has found another job within the company. Being the only intern, when the position became available to apply for, I applied. Well, when they decided to hire two people for the overworked position, and I wasn't one of them, naturally I was a little disappointed. The best part of it that as they transition to the new people, their plan is to have me learn all the responsibilities, do the job as one person (that they've hired two people to do), and then train the new people when they finally get here. Gotta love the business world.

So okay… I'm the key person in their transition plan. I'm the one that is going to keep this function up and running while they move in the permanent people. They have no back-up plan. They've hired two people to do the work that one person was doing before. They didn't find me worthy of getting the job, but they find me worthy of doing the job while they scramble to get others up to speed. What's wrong with this picture?

The other day my boss took the two newly hired people out to dinner to try to establish a good relationship with them. I wasn't invited, which is perfectly fine. The part that gets me is that they were told "Don't tell Pedro about this dinner." What are we… in second grade? "Do you think so-and-so likes me? Will you find out? Don't tell them that I want to know… just make it seem like you're curious."

How stupid. Makes me even more glad that I didn't get the job.

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