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2007.04.09 The Movie Theater, the Right Way

Reserved seats. No lines. No guessing on what seat I'd end up with. No need to show up super early to get the seat you want. No theater had allowed me to do this previously. No wonder I thought it was one of the best experiences at a movie theater in a long time.

When we went to buy the tickets, the worker turned his little touch-screen monitor towards me and asked me where I wanted to sit. Seeing the available seats, I made my selection, then killed time for the next 30 minutes before the movie was scheduled to begin. With the spare time, I actually spent money on snacks (something I almost never do). In addition to spending more money, I was thrilled to be able to walk into the theater and just sit down in my seat. There were additional workers there to help people find their seats, and they probably were able to sit more people in the theater than usual, since they could plan their audience ahead of time.

This could be a bad thing though, since with my not-quite-underwear-model-physique I unknowingly got seated next to a person who wasn't arm rest conscious. If I had things my way I would have empty seats all around me… except Maria right next to me of course.

Did they give me discounted tickets? No. Did they throw in some free food? Nope. Did they eliminate some of my pet peeves by allowing me to reserve a seat and not have to stand around waiting to get into a movie (early) then listening to some lame trivia that the fathead behind me feels obligated to answer out loud, mostly because he's been to every movie that is currently offered at that theater and has seen all the trivia and likes to show off that he knows it all, yet all the rest of us can think is, "Would that guy just shut UP?!" Yes, they did that, and I had a positive customer experience.

My applause go to that specific theater and any others that have taken a moment to think about those of use that would prefer a reserved seat. Well done.

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