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2005.08.18 The Toothless Wonder

Generally somebody who prepares food should have a general appearance which doesn't distract from the food being prepared. There is a plethora of people who shouldn't prepare food for others. The food service business should have a certain dress code, hair code, fingernail code, or even a policy that addresses missing teeth in the front of somebody's mouth, because the guy who works in the cafeteria is starting to make them lose business.

Now if you'll remember a whole day prior to this post I spoke about a certain sandwich that I purchase while at work. It's not really fair, since I've been ordering that sandwich now for over a year. I've had several people make it. Some people are better at it than others. The guy who normally makes them is pretty decent at them. Recently he started taking his break right about the time that I generally eat lunch, and in his place arrives The Toothless Wonder. This guy is probably very good at making sandwiches, but the gaping hole in the front of his mouth is distracting enough that I can no longer purchase food that he prepares.

Due to my cheapness, I can't bring myself to buy anything else from the cafeteria, and tend to either go hungry, or poach one of the carp from the pond behind the building (actually not, that's just sick). Knowing that this person probably can't be held responsible for being placed at the sandwich bar while working, I think it'd be nice of him to make up for the missing dark hole of a tooth with something else. Ideas for The Toothless Wonder:

  • White Chiclet
  • Red licorice
  • Masking Tape
  • Poppy Seeds (they get stuck in everybody else's teeth, why not just take the place of a tooth?)
  • Papier Mâché
  • A White Die
  • Piece of a styrofoam cup

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