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2007.02.07 The Vastness of the Internet

I'm constantly amazed at what I find on the internet. It seems that several times a week I find some new site that I didn't know existed, or wouldn't have even thought existed. The amount of content out there/here is overwhelming. Last night I was pointed to a web site by a guy who collects copies of boxes, decals, and instructions from model spaceships. Why? Why not?

The point of my ramblings is not to point out sites that I have found recently. That's why I have the Longbored Links page, which I'm faithfully using more often than I did before. The point here is to show the insignificance of a single website. You lucky suckers people that come to this site have found or are forced into seeing this stuff, yet there are billions of pages out there.

Why get weighed down by all of the other sites out there? Why feel the pressure of trying to stand out among the millions, nay billions? Do whatever you would like to do. If it makes you happy go for it. Collect copies of model spaceship decals if you want. Enjoy it as much as you'd like. If you enjoy it, and communicate your enjoyment of whatever it is, then others will notice that as well and hopefully enoy themselves too.

The same can be said about a home, apart from the internet. If you make it comfortable to you, and can show how much you like living there, then others will notice it as well, and enjoy being there.

So, if you have a place on the internet, then make it something and somewhere that you enjoy, if you actually do enjoy that place. I have no clue what I expect in response to this post. I guess it's just something I needed to say. I enjoy my place on the internet, but there are a number of things that I'd like to do to it to show that a bit more. Some of them I know I won't do, for lack of time or it not being a priority. Others, I hope to implement sooner rather than later. Happy Wednesday to you! :)

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